James Collins warned about his future conduct after incident

Posted on April 19, 2016 by

James Collins has been fined two weeks wages after photos emerged of the player urinating in a glass and throwing over a balcony. This happened at the Cheltenham Festival where James Collins was present together with a group of other footballers.

Collins, who is currently on loan at Northampton from Shrewsbury, has so far made 12 appearances. He managed to score six goals so far to help his team consolidate their place at the top of League Two.

Both Shrewsbury and Northampton has issued a joint-statement to indicate that they have investigated the issue after a newspaper release the photos. They have decided that James Collins should be fined two weeks wages and that he will be warned about his future conduct.

Shrewsbury Town Chief Executive Brian Caldwell has stated that his team will not tolerate this kind of behavior from their players since they want to preserve their image of being a community club. He said that James Collins has acknowledged his mistake and that he is determined to change his behavior in the future.

On the other hand, Shrewsbury chairman has admitted that they cannot control what the players do in their spare time, but they do need to have a particular kind of behavior because they act as role model. He believes Collins should be given the chance to rebuild his reputation as a footballer. He believes that we should forget this incident as quickly as possible and focus on what is more important: football

James Collins has issued an apology where he recognized that he have not behaved properly. He said that he was disappointed not only with himself but with the way he has let down his friends, family, teammates and everyone affected by this incident. He has vowed to work hard in changing himself so that such behavior does not repeat itself.

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