James Collins has earned the nickname of: ‘’Braveheart’’

Posted on May 9, 2017 by

The head coach of West Ham United SlavenBilic, has recently praised and given a nickname to his 26 year old Welsh defender James Collins who has been making remarkable performances and has helped his team in avoiding the relegation zone.

West Ham United has been struggling to secure consistent victories throughout this season. Out of their 10 latest league matches, they have only managed to win 1 match which was against Swansea City in a game that was played back on April 8.

Starting from February 25 until April 29 of 2017, West Ham United played 10 matches and had to settle with 1 victory, 4 draws and 5 defeats.

In spite of this string of underwhelming results, there was 1 performer in particular that grabbed the attention of the manager SlavenBilic as he praised James Collins who still managed to prove his worth even in times of despair.

“He is exactly the same off the pitch as he is on it. He is a great man to have; he is a ‘Braveheart.He is also good in the dressing room, because he is one of the leaders, with a big heart.He is there for everyone, but he is also a joker. He likes to make fun. He deserves a lot of praise for the way he is playing with the energy and determination and dedication he puts in,” said Bilic.

James Collins has 1 more year on his contract with the English club and with this recent string of acclaimed performances, it’s likely that SlavenBilic will attempt to extend the contract of Llanellia fc the Welsh defender who has been rising above the majority of his teammates in times when West Ham United needed someone to do it.

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