Collins Advises Town for Keeping Good Form

Posted on October 17, 2019 in James Collins by

James Collins is the striker for Luton. He wants his side to get back to the path of winning once again when Hull City will be visiting Kenilworth Road. The Tigers are under the new management currently and in the month of June; the new boss for Doncaster Rovers will take over them. They have started this season less than what can be encouraged. With six points, they are in place just four places below Luton. They have triumphed only in one match from all of their seven opening matches.

After a defeat by 3-2 at QPR, the run of three victories in a straight row in all of the championships came to an end for the Town. In regard to this, James Collins said he hopes that the boys will be very happy because they are back into the track at Kenilworth Road. He added that the form for our home is necessary to be very good specially this year so that they can achieve anything and everything for this season. Hull is absolutely not an easy side and so they need to be very careful about them. They also need to fully concentrate on them so that they play the game well.

After 28 minutes of the match, the Town was down by 3-0 that was held at the stadium of Kiyan Prince Foundation and they quite likely on the verge of really blown away by their hosts that were quite impressive. During the second half, both James Collins and Harry Cornick was netted to set up where Luton could not even force a leveler. Collins knows that it is important to put the beginning first half of the match behind them fast and declared that the result was very disappointing. He said they had tried to stop them according to their plan and win the match, but they ended up being down and they are dissatisfied as a group.

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