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The centre back of West Ham United, James Collins, has said that his team is determined to continue its impressive run in the ongoing season despite the absence of some vital players because of injuries.

The Hammers are currently at no. 11 in the points table with 26 points in 21 matches.

When asked about the performance of West Ham United in the ongoing season so far, Collins said, “We have played decently in the first half of the season. Before the start of the season, if somebody had told us that we would be in the middle of the points table at this stage, we would have been delighted.”

“A few of our key players are currently out because of injuries, but, that’s not an excuse. We will have to move ahead with the resources that we have got. We have got quite a few impressive young talents in our squad who are capable of performing well at big stage. Hopefully, they would play well in the upcoming matches and wouldn’t let us miss the injured players.”

When asked about the upcoming FA Cup match against Manchester United, Collins said, “We are looking forward to that match. Last time when we had played against them, our performance was really good and we were ahead for a long time. Unfortunately, we conceded that goal in the injury time and had to share points.”

“Wednesday’s match will be played on their home ground where they have hardly lost any match in this season. So, we will have to play extremely well to give them a tough fight.”

The previous FA Cup match played between Manchester United and the Irons on 5th of January had ended in the form of a draw. James Collins had scored two goals for West Ham United in that match.

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