James Collins wants an extended stay at the Boleyn Ground

Posted on July 16, 2015 by

James Collins signed a 4 year long deal with West Ham United on August of 2012 but the experienced defender wants to have his contract extended for a longer period of time as the player loves playing for his club and wants nothing else than to continue doing what he does now.

The Welsh defender is not the most skillful player on the pitch or agile and energetic one compared to some of his teammates in West Ham United but there is something that has turned James Collins into a fans favorite and this is thanks to his courage and tenacity as Collins is always up to the challenge of performing at his best every single time, in every match.

Even though he might not be the most exciting player to watch, fans of West Ham United have taken a liking to James Collins as he helped the club in avoiding the bottom relegation zone as he gave it everything he had in every instance and actually is a very solid defender who can be relied on.

Collins expressed how happy he is in performing for West Ham United as he talked during a press conference and told the media: “I’ve been here a long time and I love it. The first time around I didn’t want to leave but it was sort of thrust upon me and I left with a heavy heart.To come back was fantastic and now, with the club about to make a massive step forward and to have a chance to be part of that with the club I love would be amazing.Since we came back up to the Premier League, 10th has been the highest we’ve finished. To better that would be great. We want to finish strong because if you do that you more often than not start the next season well.”

Collins wants to see his contract with West Ham United go beyond 2016 which is it’s original expiration date and from the looks of it, the club will be prolonging the contract of James Collins as he has turned out to be a great signing and it’s only a matter of time until he receives a contract extension deal.

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